Bespoke Mosaic Mirror
Bespoke Mosaic Mirror
Bespoke Mosaic Mirror

Bespoke Mosaic Mirror

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Made to order | Completely Unique | Bespoke

Order your bespoke piece of functional art today! 
How it works:
  1. Contact me -
  2. I will ask you:
    1. What size of mirror are you looking for?
    2. What shapes interest you?
    3. What colours are you thinking?
    4. Do you have any specific stones in mind?
  3. I will then create a couple of different designs for you (including initial quotes) to choose from & then we can tweak if & where required
  4. I will then give you a quote to sign along with an estimated lead time for delivery
  5. A deposit will be required to confirm your bespoke design
  6. Your custom art piece will be made & shipped to you


All mirrors have securely attached chains for hanging & are supplied with a wall plug. Please note that they can only be hung from brick walls.